Austin Binkley

Software Engineer

Austin Binkley with his wife, Jaimie.


  • Lives in Austin, Tx
  • Likes Python and JS
  • Loves whitespace and tab spacing
  • Determined to find a way to solve all programming problems with recursion
  • Thinkful student

About Me

Hello! My name is Austin (in Austin), and I love to code! In an ideal work environment, I would be able to work with a large team of experienced programmers, tackling new challenges every day and learning something new all the time.

A few of my other hobbies and interests include disc golf, D&D, watching 49ers football, board gaming, reading, and, most importantly, hanging out with my wife and friends.

Please feel free to shoot me a DM or check out any of my other profiles below if you have more questions or are interested in working with me.